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Learn About Catholic Saints and the patron saints of special causes

What is a religious medal or a saint medal? What is their purpose and how did they come into common use? These and other questions can be found in our article About Religious Medals.

Perhaps you have a special need and are looking for the patron saint for that need. For example you might want to know the patron saint of cancer [Peregrine] or traveling [Christopher] or any one of numerous different life issues and needs, we can help you find the saint for that need. Maybe you are looking for a Confirmation Name or Catholic names for a baby and want to know more about different saints, this is the resource for you. Our team of Catholic writers continues to create new pages for the saints. Great for a school report or personal reading, Enjoy our index of Catholic Saints.

About St Agatha
Suffering cruel tortures in defense of virtue, Agatha is the patron of breast cancer and many other causes. Learn more about St. Agatha.

About St Anne
Discover the mother of the blessed mother, Anne, Grandmother of Jesus.

About St Anthony of Padua
When you lose something, St. Anthony is the go-to Saint. But he is more than just the patron saint of lost items, learn more.

About St. Benedict 
Creating the "Rule of Benedict" and founding numberous monestaries, Benedict influenced the lives of those in religious communities in his time and today.

About St. Bernadette
Meet the 14 year old girl who received a vision of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes.

About St Brigid of Ireland
A contemporary of St. Patrick, the story of St Brigid of Ireland is a story of tenacity, devotion and love of God. Learn more about St. Brigid.

About Camillus de Lellis
Placing himself in God's Hands, St. Camillus overcame addiction and anger. Learn how his conversion gave him the strength and means to provide help, healing and hope to the sick.

About Catherine Labourne and the Miraculous Medal
Who is Catherine Labourne and what make the medal a miraculous medal? Learn more.

About St Christopher
Who is Saint Christopher? Learn more about the patron saint of travelers.

About St Cecilia
Who is Saint Cecilia? Learn about the patron of musicians, a devoted and pure woman of faith.

About St Claire of Assisi
Inspired by St. Francis, St. Claire was a insirational model of service to others. Discover her story and how it lead to the founding of the religious order know as the Poor Clares.

About St Dymphna
Suffering the death of her mother, St. Dymphna, an Irish princess, fled from her father the King's desire to marry her. Furious , the king hunted down and killed his daugher. Learn more about the story of Dymphna, patron of those surring from incest and mental health issues.

About St Elizabeth Ann Seton
Foundress of the first Catholic schools in America, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was a wife, mother, and later, a religious sister. Discover her story and learn how she used her skills and talents to bring forth good.

About St Florian
A soldier, St. Florian knew how to follow orders. Learn how St. Florian's comittment to follow God first was in conflict with the Emporor and led to his Martyrdom. 

About St Francis de Sales
Patient and deliberate, St Francis de Sales is known today as the patron of writers and journalists. Learn more about Francis de Sales a holy man of virtue.

About St Francis of Assisi
St Francis of Assisi is known for his poverty, humility and love of God's Creation.

About St Francis Xavier
St Francis Xavier a passionate missionary for Christ brining the Gospel as far as China. Learn More.

About St Gerard
Who is Saint Gerard? And why is a guy the patron saint of pregnancy? Find out more about Gerard's special intercession for those expecting a child.

About St. Joan of Arc
Discover more about the young soldier saint whose visions urged her to defend her king and protect her country. Courageously she led battles and when captured by enimies remained steadfast in her faith.

About St. Hildegard von Bingem
A Renaissance woman, St. Hildegard is known for her many interests, tallents and abilities. Strong willed and faith filled this abbess and composer also wrote on botany, medicine, theology and liturgy.

About St. Joseph
Foster Father of Jesus, St. Joseph is the third member of the Holy Family. Together with Mary, Joseph taught Jesus about life and faith from an early age. Learn more about St. Joseph.

About St. Jude
St. Jude, one of the 12 Apostles, came to be known as the patron saint of lost causes because of the visions of two saints, St. Bridget of Ireland and St. Bernard. He is there when things seem impossible and hopeless.

About St Kateri
The first Native American to be canonized, St. Kateri Tekakwitha was a young woman who encountered much opposition in her attempts to live her life devoted wholly to God.

About Maria Goretti
One of the youngest saints, St. Maria Goretti was only 11 years old at the time of her death. Martyred for her desire to preserve her purity, she is an example of what it means to give oneself completely to Jesus.

About the Blessed Virgin Mary
Who is Mary? and why is she so revered by Catholics? Discover more about the Mother of Jesus and her role as a model of fidelity to God.

About St. Mary Magdalene
Present in the Gospel accounts and as one who knew Jesus personally, St. Mary Magdelene has something to teach all about repenting and follwoing Jesus. Learn More. 

About St. Matthew
St. Matthew was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, and wrote the Gospel of Matthew. Learn more about this tax-collector who begam a great evangelist.

About St. Maximilian Kolbe
Born the son of a religious bookseller in Russian occupier Poland, St. Maximilian Kolbe eventually became a priest. Learn more about his devotion to Mary, his death in a Nazi Concentration camp and how he offered his life for others.

About St Michael
Who is Saint Michael? And what is the story of this most well known of the Archangels? Learn about Michael's battle with the devil and his patronage of Police, military and many other professions.

About St Nicholas
Who is Saint Nicholas? How is he related to the Santa Clause we know of today? Find out more about this fascinating 3rd century saint and patron of children.

About St Patrick
It seems everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, except perhpas, St. Patrick. Learn more about this popular patron Saint of Ireland?

About St Peregrine
Who is Saint Peregrine? For those facing Cancer is is a source of support and advocacy. Learn more about Peregrine and his role as patron of Cancer patients.

About St Peter
Discover more about St. Peter the Disciple of Jesus and first Pope. A first witness of the Gospel proclaimed he travel extensively share the Gospel message and converting people to Christianity. 

About St Philomena
Her persistance in staying true to her promises to God dispite threats and torture makes the story of St. Philomena an inspiration to many.

About St Rita of Cascia
A wife, mother and nun are not a combination that often goes together. Learn about St. Rita, the abuse she shuffered, her power of reconciliation and conversion and her incorruptable body after death. 

About St Sebastian
Why would a saint depicted as pierced by multiple arrows be the patron of athletes? Learn more about Sebastian, his courage, endourance and faithfulness.

About St Teresa of Avila
Turing away from lax observance of living as God would want to, Teresa established a convent whre she taught that religious life was meant to be a life of selfless love, of poverty, of work, of total obedience to god. Learn more.

About St Therese of Lisieux
As a relatively modern saint we have photos from the life of St Therese of Lisieux, known to many as the Little Flower. Learn more about her life and the "little way".

About St Thomas Aquinas
Meet Saint Thomas Aquinas; The Dumb Ox. A quite and slow-moving student he is known today as a gifted professor and theologan.

About St Thomas More
St. Thomas More a devoted family man, member of Parliment and chancelor of England, tenaciously held to his Catholic beliefs even as they opposed the king. Learn more about his live, values and faithfulness that eventually led to his death. 

About St Valentine
Burried in the secular trappings of flowers, candy hearts, cards and gifts, is the story of St. Valentine and his fidelity to God's Love. Learn more about Valentine and his association to love and marriage.