Catholic Jewelry

In the following collections of Catholic jewelry you can find a beautiful Catholic necklace, cross necklace, crucifix or other form of religious jewelry. Most of the items here make use of traditional Catholic symbols as well as some new ones.

Stylish, modern necklaces carry symbols like “Footprints”, the Papal Crucifix, and even cancer support necklaces for loved ones. A wide variety of traditional Catholic medals as a necklace are available as well. Some symbols of the Faith go back to the earliest days of the Church, when Christians decorated the catacombs with such images: an anchor, which represented their hope, a lily, which symbolized purity of heart, and the dove which represented their peace, which was the fruit of the Spirit.

Like the Christians of old, today’s Catholics find comfort and meaning in wearing religious jewelry or a necklace that serves as a sacramental, reminding them of God ever present in their life..