RCIA - Communion Medal - Cross (#13036)

First Communion Medal - Cross
First Communion Medal - CrossFirst Communion Medal - Cross
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Item Number: 13036
Metal: Sterling Silver
Saint: Cross

First Communion Medal

The First Communion Medal-Cross is a sacramental that helps to remind us of the importance of receiving Holy Communion. The Medal-Cross contains the symbols of the Eucharist, is crafted in quality sterling silver with an 18in chain.

The symbols found on this medal-cross reference important symbols of the Eucharist. From top to bottom they are the Chi Ro, an early Christian symbol consisting of the first two letter for Christ in Greek. This was the symbol that the Emperor Constantine placed on his shield before he went into battle in the year 312 against his pagan enemies. Constantine made Christianity the religion of the Roman state. The cross in the middle of the medal signifies the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, through whom we have received salvation. The images of the Chalice and the Host symbolize the Body and Blood of Christ that we receive in Holy Communion.

This gift will help your child to remember the important event of First Holy Communion. It is also a reminder to continue to receive Holy Communion as food for our Christian journey. Measures 3/4" x 5/8"

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