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St. Michael - US Army Medal
St. Michael - US Army Medal (#19013)
MSRP: $59.25
Price: $54.51
You Save: $4.74 (8 %)
St. Michael, US Army Medal features the insignia of the United States Army. Sterling Silver Medal on 24"Stainless Chain.
St. Peregrine Rosary
St. Peregrine Rosary (#14523)
Price: $40.99
Patron Saint Rosary with a St. Peregrine center
St. Christopher Medal L600
St Christopher Medal - Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medal (#10680)
Price: $46.99
Patron Saint of Travelers, Bachelors
Sterling Silver Cross Necklace #87304
Cross Necklace - Sterling Silver (#87304)
Price: $53.00
Sterling Silver Cross Necklace. Dimensions: 1 X 3/4, 18 inch Sterling Silver Curb Chain
St. Teresa of Calcutta Rosary (#12164)
Price: $32.50
St. Mother Teresa Rosary has a pewter crucifix & picture of St. Teresa of Calcutta. The blue beads have a mother of pearl finish and measure 7mm
St. Michael - Patron Saint Medal

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A popular religious and historical figure, St. Joan of Arc was as a courageous young woman called by God to carry out His will great devotion, strength, and trust in Him. A peasant girl born and raised in France at the time of the Hundred Years’ War, St. Joan of Arc had seen the religious fervor of her people, as well as the oppression and wickedness that could (and often did) follow.

Yet, this threat did not stop St. Joan of Arc. When she heard the voice of God asking her to go to battle to defend her people and their faith, she heroically accepted the task, relying on her faith in the Lord who would not leave her abandoned.

The feast day of St. Joan of Arc is May 30, which is the day she was burned at the stake, at only 19 years of age. On this day, we remember the courage of St. Joan of Arc which did not bend under pressure or fear. We look to her example to remain firm in our convictions and to stand up for what we believe is right, despite the costs, in order to bring about the kingdom of God.

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