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Featured Saint Medals

St. Michael - US Army Medal
St. Michael - US Army Medal (#19013)
MSRP: $59.25
Price: $54.51
You Save: $4.74 (8 %)
St. Michael - US Army Medal (#19013)
St. Michael, US Army Medal features the insignia of the United States Army. Sterling Silver Medal on 24"Stainless Chain.
St. Michael Medal - Sterling Silver with 20 in. Chain - Engravable
St. Michael Medal - Sterling Silver with 20 in. Chain - Engravable (#19052)
Price: $46.50
St. Michael Medal - Sterling Silver with 20 in. Chain - Engravable  (#19052)
Engravable Sterling Silver Medal with 20 Inch Stainless Chain and Gift Box
St. Peregrine Rosary
St. Peregrine Rosary (#14523)
Price: $37.99
St. Peregrine Rosary (#14523)
Patron Saint Rosary with a St. Peregrine center
St. Christopher Medal L600
St Christopher Medal - Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medal (#10680)
Price: $46.99
St Christopher Medal - Sterling Silver Patron Saint Medal (#10680)
Patron Saint of Travelers, Bachelors
Sterling Silver Cross Necklace #87304
Cross Necklace - Sterling Silver (#87304)
Price: $53.00
Cross Necklace - Sterling Silver (#87304)
Sterling Silver Cross Necklace. Dimensions: 1 X 3/4, 18 inch Sterling Silver Curb Chain
St. Michael - Patron Saint Medal

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A Healing Saint for Victims of Sexual Assault

Sometimes finding the right thing to say or do seems to be impossible. When it comes tragic events such as an assault, prayers offered in support of healing and help for victims are of immeasurable worth. St. Agatha is patron saint of rape and assault victims, due to the humiliations and torture she endured in her life. Throughout her times of pain and suffering, she looked to God to be her strength and refuge, and her example may serve to provide hope to those feeling lost and alone. Learn more about St. Agatha.

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Do you have someone in your life who is always looking for missing items? The type of person to look for the eyeglasses sitting on top of their head? St. Anthony of Padua is the patron of lost items! Known as the “Wonder-Worker,” St. Anthony’s intercession has been attributed to many miracles throughout the nearly 800 years since he lived. Learn more about St. Anthony. Learn more about St. Anthony of Padua.